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Bob D’Auray and I met with Reg so many years ago to suggest a show for Seniors. Bob thought up the name “Senior Moments”. Reg agreed. Bob, unfortunately, passed. We’ll never forget him. I try to bring guests that can offer information that applies to today’s issues. Also like to invite local services, new small businesses, non-profits, political parties, interesting folks, musicians, people i meet, and support our city. Even though I think we’re getting too BIG . I live out west of the city, on 18 acres, on my own with my dogs Zeus, Maggie, my cats Molly and Czarina, all rescued as babies. My last horse, Lester, is living the life at Baldy Hughes as a therapeutic horse. He was a rescue from Prince George Horse Rescue. I have the river, am surrounded by trees, that River beavers like to steal . Bears, foxes, deer, birds, geese, ducks, Sandhill Cranes, woodpeckers, Loons, many species come some spring some fall. I’m sad that I don’t see swallows anymore. I love doing the show, I’m grateful for the opportunity as it requires a lot of research and preparation, which keeps my brain working. Important after retirement. If there is someone, or a subject you want to learn about, something new I should know please contact me via
And thanks for listening to “Senior Moments” every Tuesday from 1-2pm.




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  1. Hi. I am the secretary, with Spruce Capital Senior Centre and would love to go on and talk about the centre.

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